Coat Trees Stands

Skye Merritt
11 min readApr 10, 2024


Keep your home organized and stylish with our top picks of coat tree stands. These versatile and functional accessories not only help you manage your coat collection but also add a touch of elegance to your entranceway or hallway. Let’s explore our roundup of the best coat tree stands to find the perfect fit for your home.

The Top 5 Best Coat Trees Stands

  1. Practical Modern Coat Rack with 7 Hooks — Transform any entryway into an organized oasis with the VASAGLE Coat Rack, a stylish and sturdy solution for all your hanging needs.
  2. Elegant Black Metal Coat Tree Stand — Enhance your living space with the Home Craft Metal Coat Rack Black — featuring a stylish black metal finish, two tiers of coat hooks, and an elegant, functional design that works in various settings.
  3. Stylish Modern Coat Tree Stand — This modern Arles 9-Hook Metal Standing Coat Rack features a sturdy, curvy metal frame with white and oak accents, holding coats and accessories in a dapper contemporary style.
  4. Stylish and Modern Teak Coat and Hat Rack with Distressed Grey Finish — Add modern charm to your entryway with the 70-inch Safavieh Walter Grey tree branch coat and hat rack, offering stylish and flexible storage for coats, hats, and scarves.
  5. Versatile 8-Hook Coat Tree with Adjustable Height for Hats and Accessories — A stylish and practical coat tree with adjustable height, offering 8 hooks to handle daily hanging needs, enhancing your space with a sleek surface and solid wood design, suitable for bedroom, living room, and entryway use.

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Practical Modern Coat Rack with 7 Hooks

Practical Modern Coat Rack with 7 Hooks | Image

The VASAGLE solid wood coat stand is a game-changer for entryway organization. Say goodbye to the mess of dropped belongings and hello to a well-kept, clutter-free area. With 7 rounded hooks, this coat rack provides ample space for coats, hats, and bags. As soon as you put it together (and believe me, it’s ridiculously easy), you’ll love how secure and sturdy it is. Plus, the safe paint and quality materials give you peace of mind, knowing you’re investing in a top-notch product.

One of my favorite features is that the rounded edges of the hooks prevent any damage to your items. And the thoughtful assembly instructions make even the least handy person feel like a pro. And the best part? Even your out-of-town guests will be impressed by the neat, tidy impression it creates.

Elegant Black Metal Coat Tree Stand

Elegant Black Metal Coat Tree Stand | Image

In my experience, the Home Craft Metal Coat Rack has been an excellent addition to my home. It boasts a sleek black metal finish that lends a touch of elegance to any room. The two-tier design provides ample storage space for coats, hats, umbrellas, and other belongings, making it incredibly versatile.

One of the standout features is the sturdy construction, which is built to last for years. The metal frame is strong and can support the weight of multiple coats without wobbling. However, I did encounter a small issue when putting together the rack — one side of the arm did not have punched holes for the screws.

Despite this minor setback, the coat rack turned out to be a valuable purchase. I was able to take care of the issue by punching the holes myself, and the rack has functioned wonderfully ever since. It’s a fantastic choice for anyone looking for an affordable, well-built coat rack that will make a stylish addition to their home or office.

Stylish Modern Coat Tree Stand

Stylish Modern Coat Tree Stand | Image

I recently tried the Roundhill Furniture Arles Coat Rack in my entryway, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer for my family. The modern design, paired with the combination of metal and wood, makes it both attractive and practical. The 9 hooks in various positions are perfect for our coats, hats, umbrellas, and even our dog’s leash. I was initially hesitant about the stability of the round base, but it has proven to be quite sturdy and holds a significant amount of weight without any issues.

One thing that stood out to me is the assembly process — it was surprisingly easy, even for someone like me who’s not particularly handy. The instructions were clear, and the pieces fit together seamlessly. While I appreciate the unique design, I do wish the hooks were positioned a bit higher for taller coats.

Overall, I’m thrilled with my purchase of the Roundhill Furniture Arles Coat Rack. It’s functional, stylish, and a great value for the price. I highly recommend it for anyone in need of a practical, yet attractive coat rack for their home.

Stylish and Modern Teak Coat and Hat Rack with Distressed Grey Finish

Stylish and Modern Teak Coat and Hat Rack with Distressed Grey Finish | Image

I recently came across the Safavieh Walter 70'’ Tree Branch Coat and Hat Rack in a beautiful distressed grey finish, and it has quickly become my go-to storage solution for my entryway. The rack, weighing in at a substantial 18 pounds, has a modern design that seamlessly combines form and function.

Sitting at just over 6 feet tall, this tree branch coat and hat rack has ample space to accommodate coats, hats, and scarves. Its sturdy construction, crafted from teak for durability, has proven to be a standout feature. However, one downside I encountered was that the base doesn’t have a screw to secure it to the wall, which can make it feel a bit wobbly if you aren’t careful.

Despite this minor flaw, I have been thoroughly satisfied with this product’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Its unique and eye-catching design adds a touch of whimsy to any space, making it an excellent addition to any entryway, hall, or office.

Versatile 8-Hook Coat Tree with Adjustable Height for Hats and Accessories

Versatile 8-Hook Coat Tree with Adjustable Height for Hats and Accessories | Image

Meet the Tangkula Wood Coat Tree, a stylish standalone rack for your wardrobe essentials. Adjustable in height, it’s a perfect fit for both adults and children, and its three height options cater to different living spaces. Crafted with a sturdy rubberwood frame, the coat tree is an investment for your home with its long-lasting service life.

With eight hooks supporting up to 15 lbs each, this coat tree handles your daily hanging needs with ease. Forget the trip to the cleaners — its high-capacity hooks allow you to dry and store your items conveniently. Despite its mighty design, the coat tree’s slim and sleek surface ensures your clothes stay scratch-free and the kids stay safe from accidental spills.

Navigating between different rooms is a breeze with the Tangkula Wood Coat Tree’s height and width dimensions. Its flexible structure allows it to fit seamlessly into various corners of your home, from bedrooms and living rooms to entryways. The final touch — a classy all-black finish — makes it an elegant addition to your home décor.

Putting it together is as easy as pie, thanks to its smart knock-down design and pre-attached screws. Say goodbye to the jumbled look of your hallway and hello to the sophisticated organization this coat tree brings to your home. If you’re seeking a sturdy and stylish solution for hanging your jackets, hats, and bags, look no further than the Tangkula Wood Coat Tree.

Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re looking for a functional coat tree or a stylish statement piece in your entryway, there are many coat tree stands available in the market today. To help you make the right choice, we’ve put together a comprehensive buyer’s guide that outlines the key features, considerations, and advice for selecting the perfect coat tree stand for your home.


Important Features

When choosing a coat tree stand, there are several features you should consider to ensure it meets your needs and preferences. Some of the most important features include:

  1. Material and Build Quality, 2. Size and Capacity, 3. Design and Style, and 4. Price Range and Value for Money. We’ll discuss each of these features in more detail below.

Material and Build Quality

The material and build quality of a coat tree stand can significantly impact its durability, stability, and overall appearance. Common materials used for coat trees include wood, metal, and plastic. Wood coat trees provide a natural, warm, and elegant look, while metal and plastic options offer a more modern and streamlined appearance. Make sure to choose a coat tree stand made from sturdy and well-constructed materials to ensure it can withstand daily use and maintain its appearance over time.


Size and Capacity

Consider the size of your entryway, as well as the number of coats and accessories you want to store, when selecting a coat tree stand. The tree’s height, width, and depth should be appropriate for your available space, while the number of storage pockets and hooks should accommodate your needs. Take accurate measurements of your entryway and match the dimensions of the coat tree stand to ensure a proper fit and sufficient storage capacity.

Design and Style

A coat tree stand can serve as both a practical storage solution and a decorative element in your home. You’ll want to choose a design that complements your existing decor and fits well with your personal style preferences. Consider the type of wood, metal, or plastic finish, as well as the overall shape and design of the coat tree stand. Additionally, think about the presence of additional features such as built-in mirrors, unique patterns, or customizable elements, which can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the piece.



What are the benefits of using a coat tree stand?

A coat tree stand offers several advantages over traditional coat racks and hangers. Firstly, it provides a stylish and functional solution for storage and organization. Additionally, it allows for multiple coats and accessories to be hung, freeing up closet and wall space. The coat tree stand often complements the home’s interior design, making it an attractive addition to any entryway or living space.

Another benefit is its ability to reduce clutter. Coats and accessories can easily accumulate on the floor or near entryways, creating a messy appearance. By using a coat tree stand, this clutter can be kept organized and hidden from sight. Furthermore, they often come in various materials, sizes, and styles, allowing you to choose one that matches your personal taste and home decor.


What materials are coat tree stands typically made of?

Coat tree stands are made from a range of materials, each offering its own unique benefits. Wood and metal are the most common materials used. Wooden coat tree stands often have a natural, warm aesthetic, while metal versions usually provide a sleek, modern look. Some coat tree stands may also be made from materials like bamboo or rattan, which can add a touch of tropical flair to any home.

Regardless of the material, the construction of a coat tree stand should be durable and sturdy to ensure it can hold the weight of multiple coats and accessories. Always check the dimensions and weight capacity before making a purchase to ensure it meets your needs and fits your available space. Additionally, consider cleaning and maintenance instructions, as certain materials may require regular upkeep to maintain their appearance and functionality.

How do I choose the right coat tree stand for my space?

When selecting a coat tree stand, consider the following factors to ensure it suits your needs and complements your home decor. Firstly, consider the available space in your entryway, hallway, or living area where the coat tree stand will be placed. Measure the dimensions of the area to ensure the chosen stand will fit and won’t obstruct doorways or pathways.

Next, assess the number of coats and accessories you plan to hang on the coat tree stand. Choose one with a sufficient number of hooks or coat hangers to accommodate your needs. Additionally, consider the materials and finishes of the various coat tree stands available. Metal, wood, bamboo, and rattan are all popular materials, each offering its own unique appearance and benefits. Consider the overall design aesthetic of your home and choose a coat tree stand that complements it. Lastly, ensure the chosen stand meets your budget and quality expectations.


Are coat tree stands easy to assemble?

Most coat tree stands come with easy-to-follow assembly instructions, making it simple for anyone to assemble them. Typically, they require minimal tools, such as a screwdriver or an Allen wrench, which are usually included in the package. Some coat tree stands may be assembled in just a few steps, while others may take a bit longer. However, the overall assembly process is generally straightforward and should not require any significant effort or expertise.

If you are unsure about assembling the coat tree stand on your own, consider consulting with a professional or reaching out to the manufacturer’s customer support for guidance. They may also offer pre-assembled options for an additional fee, which may be worth considering if you lack experience or time to put together the stand yourself.

How can I maintain my coat tree stand?

To keep your coat tree stand in good condition, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and maintenance. Different materials may require different cleaning methods. For instance, wooden coat tree stands may need to be polished or treated with a wood conditioner to keep the surface looking new. Metal coat tree stands may require occasional dusting or wiping with a soft, damp cloth to maintain their shine.

Regardless of the material, it is crucial to avoid exposing the coat tree stand to excessive moisture, as this can cause damage and impact the stand’s longevity. If any of the hooks or coat hangers become damaged or are no longer functional, replace them promptly to ensure the continued safe and proper use of the coat tree stand.

Do coat tree stands come in various styles?

Yes, coat tree stands are available in a wide range of styles to suit various design aesthetics and preferences. Some common styles include traditional, modern, vintage, coastal, and even tropical. The materials and finishes used also play a role in determining the overall style, with options like wood, metal, bamboo, and rattan providing different visual effects.

Before making a purchase, assess the style of your home and the area where the coat tree stand will be placed. This can help you narrow down your options and choose a stand that complements your existing decor. It is also essential to consider the practical aspects, such as the number of hooks or coat hangers and the overall dimensions of the stand, to ensure it meets your functional needs and expectations.

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